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This game is pretty well done stylistically! I feel like if there was more of an introduction to some of the concepts (as opposed to just slapping them in and hoping the player will notice it amidst the distractions), it would make the level design feel more solid.

What I really love about this game is that it has the gameplay of your standard point and click adventure, with the whole collecting, combining, and interacting with objects, but at the same time the series is following the puzzle game formula that all the best puzzle games follow. Chapter 1 introduced a new concept and slowly experimented with what it can do until the player has a solid grasp on how the system works. Here, Chapter 2 has taken those ideas and twisted them completely with the covering/uncovering mirrors and item duplication, and through the game teaches you how to apply those concepts until mastery in very subtle, well-designed ways. Now, it's not just the continuation of the story that makes me want to look out for the next chapter - I'm also excited to see what other concepts and twists you guys will put into the concept! Stunning work, fully deserving my every star!

This is the pinnacle of satire right here. 10/10, man.

Hey! I'm dropping by to leave a review because I see so many negatives below me.

Everyone else has pretty much delineated every complaint I have. You can't mute the terrible music, the game is buggy and glitchy, movement is weird, there's not much to do, the English is really bad, etc. But don't let any of this get you down - all this criticism is what you really need to make something better in the future. Failure leads to success, so just keep at it! :D

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This is a really nice twist on Bullet Maze which I wasn't expecting! I loved Bullet Maze, and I can't say I don't love this! :) Nice work!

I can't get past level 6 because of a bug that teleports boxes into the exit hallway when I touch the second or third box. Help?

Hi, I'm Matthew, but you can call me 1f1. I make episodic journey music tending towards the ambient side of the spectrum. I don't accept friend requests on NG because they affect my notifications :( sorry!

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