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wElcOmE tO tHe mArkEtIng viDeO

SplatterDash responds:


Yes yes yes! I was waiting for this one

I wasn't kidding about that title, it's ridiculously long, which gives it quirky uniqueness, and it super fits. Like, SUPER fits. I can TASTE the wanderlust in a peculiar glitchy place in this track.

This track is a progressive one, it takes its sweet time building up and releasing exactly once, which is fine - in fact, it's great and I think you did it pretty well! It could use a louder master in the back half I think but I'd take this :)

And yeah, I like what you did to that build. It's not jarring anymore like it was before, and the glitches help build the tension.

Biggest thing I would wish for is a proper outro :/ but besides that for the most part this is really solid! Best of luck to you man :)

stardew responds:

thanks for the review 1f1! curse you overtime, if you didn't exist i might've had time to add an outro!

i really appreciate the time you took out of your day to give me some advice while i was making this, this piece would be a lot worse if not for your help :^)

good luck to you as well

Is this a good time to start my NGADM '18 favorites playlist? I think it is!

Stellar entry dude. All that work on the drops paid off, because they're excellent. Such intensity, such lovely chords, such BASS (YES THAT BASS), such vibrato. Love it.

I also do want to reiterate that the builds are excellent. I know you think builds are hard and they are but these are definitely good. Also, god, 3:05 gets me every time.

The foley is great. I'm really glad you added that newspaper at the end, that's a really nice touch. The pouring is really gentle and nice. The cafe sounds, super good. The way it's incorporated into the percussion really sells the "root beer float" theme. It's so tasty.

After NGADM, promise me we'll collab on something :3

Miyolophone responds:

Ahhh thank you so much for the praise and your help along the way, 1f1n!

And yes, definitely, as soon as I have any semblance of free time

Hey man gonna drop some words for ya

Lemme start by saying that when I saw the list of people in my pod, I was pretty sure that my climaxes would be the least impactful of the three. The power you achieve in the drops is exactly what I expected and what I was unable to achieve myself. So that already puts you in front of me

This is such a variety, it's awesome. You switched up genres but kept the same general theme - it's a good way to create scatterbrained goodness without abandoning cohesion. And then in the end you stitched it all together just to shove it in our faces. Brilliant. My favorite is the DnB drop, the bass is super satisfying.

There's a chord in there that I don't like so much, like at 0:52 going into 0:54, it just sorta rubs me the wrong way for some reason :/ don't really know why

I'm going in expecting to lose to this, it's great and mixed really freaking well, holy crud, and it's solid all the way through and stuff like that. One of us has to lose, but I'm sure we'll both score decently enough to come back as a backup when it happens :) Best of luck to you man <3

KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks a lot! Good luck <3

Dude I'm so sorry your crud got stolen. I've never told you how much I love this track but man this is really good. I'm probably gonna press the favorite button out of sympathy for your situation <3

Like this sounds like standard electronic stuff but the way you explore a ton of unique ideas in this is unlike other songs I've heard of the same style. I love it. Like it's so satisfying to reach the end of the track and hear this sick chord progression you have going in a different key.

Hope we get the issues resolved soon! Cuz you're gonna go places man

hey man can you not make a remix of my song, like please do someone else's

4.5/5, faved

SplatterDash responds:




I'm gonna listen to all of these in sequence. I can tell from the first minute of this one that it's gonna be freaking amazing, though. :D Dude come say hi to us on discord! Do you have a discord?

AeronMusic responds:


Yes, I do have a discord.

I wanted you to end on a Neopolitan so badly but you didn't ; ^ ; solid rendition nonetheless :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Wouldn't a Neapolitan chord here essentially just have been a Db major? Since the melody ends on a normal c, it would really just sound like a Db major 7, which would be a bit of a weird ending. Perhaps I misunderstood what you were going for :)
(Kinda sounds like it would lead to an F major)

Hey man :D thought as long as I'm on the credits bar over there I should come say hi

Where should I start? How about with the drum design - it's pretty solid. It's been a long time since I've made drums with a kick on every beat; perhaps I should consider coming back to that. Your drums provide a lot of satisfying punch while being mellow enough to let the melodic crud shine through.

I can tell this part at the beginning you were trying to create a bit of an atmosphere, right? What you have is solid as a foundation, but it does lack the sprinkles that would make for a really cool atmosphere. I don't know what other people do, but I would have placed more reverb on the little background drum things to give the sound a sense of space. Maybe also add some twinkling sounds? Idk

I wasn't too big of a fan of the vocal chops, but that's probably just my own personal taste and I wouldn't recommend you remove them. The melody at 2:19 is really cool! 2:34 has a xylophone like way in the background and if only it was louder ; ^ ;

Overall, this is a pretty solid track! Your drums are solid and melodies intriguing. You could take this to the next level by improving your sound design, especially in atmospheric sections.

Hey. R4R.

I'm going to fucus on mostly the criticism since your description seems to suggest that that's what you're mostly looking for

- The piece needs more dynamic variation. Nearly every section is loud, without any soft parts.
- At 0:37 you've given your drums so much reverb that it's making the whole thing muddy. You shouldn't really be giving kicks reverb that often anyway.
- It's good that you made your drop has some impact, but it could be improved with some more high end stuff, like maybe an arp.
- Near the end of your track you repeat a single drop twice and the track becomes incredibly repetitive. You should introduce more melodic variation in your track.
- Your transitions are literally just sweeps going up and that's it. There are more interesting and more effective ways to move between sections of track, including fills, pick ups, etc. Try utilizing a larger variety of transitioning techniques.

GGMiXsiMusic responds:

Thank you very much!

Hi, I'm Matthew, but you can call me 1f1. I make episodic journey music tending towards the ambient side of the spectrum. I don't accept friend requests on NG because they affect my notifications :( sorry!

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