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This game is pretty well done stylistically! I feel like if there was more of an introduction to some of the concepts (as opposed to just slapping them in and hoping the player will notice it amidst the distractions), it would make the level design feel more solid.

What I really love about this game is that it has the gameplay of your standard point and click adventure, with the whole collecting, combining, and interacting with objects, but at the same time the series is following the puzzle game formula that all the best puzzle games follow. Chapter 1 introduced a new concept and slowly experimented with what it can do until the player has a solid grasp on how the system works. Here, Chapter 2 has taken those ideas and twisted them completely with the covering/uncovering mirrors and item duplication, and through the game teaches you how to apply those concepts until mastery in very subtle, well-designed ways. Now, it's not just the continuation of the story that makes me want to look out for the next chapter - I'm also excited to see what other concepts and twists you guys will put into the concept! Stunning work, fully deserving my every star!

This is the pinnacle of satire right here. 10/10, man.

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it's been a while how've you been :)

liking this groove thing at 0:10

trunotfals responds:

YOU GET A CANDY BAR. Go but one :P Ive been good! It really has been a long time

"I cannot jump high like you, but I am enthusiastic.
Enthusiasm makes everything an adventure."

- A Moki from Ori, who was probably doing drugs or something

johnfn responds:

but he wasn't high so HMMMMMMM the mystery deepens!!!1

You picked the right genre

Miyolophone responds:

i was seriously this close to picking "Hip Hop, Rap, R&B - Nerdcore" instead

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Have you ever tried putting a leaf on a lake and then putting a butterfly on the water on the leaf on the water and then attaching the leaf to a dragonfly with a spider silk or something and pulling it really fast? Y'know, it'd be a wakeboarding butterfly.

stardew responds:

okaay sooo this is the bonus round entry for the bonus round round thing yknow that i'm supposed to do for the uhh the uhh the th th the the chocolate compo th the chocolate compo thing yeah that alright i'm just gonna sit here and like talk a bunch i dunno cuz like thinking that maybe sitting here and talking might confuse people like they'll go into the voting booth and be like "oh nooo do i give this a 5 or a 0 in composition i dunno he's literally just talking there's nothing else oh no i'm scared what do i do" then i'll get middle entry cuz that's how the world works i guess

sounds like a plan

wh what who the hell are you

i'm your ghooooost oooooooo spooky ghost

do you think this plan will work?

i had an ice cream the other day it was like idk it was pretty cold and nice it was a pretty cold day actually idk why i decided to have an ice cream on such a CAAAUUWWWLLD DAAAY but it's ok anyway how was your day pretty good i guess

when's the last time you've had a waaaatermelon i think watermelon's a pretty good fruit yknow it's got lotsa nice juices in it yknow nice tasty juices mmmMMMMMmmm yknow you wanna just take all those watermelon juices and just SMEAR THEM ALL OVER YOUR BODY MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM DELICIOUS yea sounds pretty good

man repeating himself veeery quietly in the background

what else do you wanna talk about to yknow waste everyone's time like a normal person

have you ever tried putting a leaf on a lake and then putting a butterfly on the water on the leaf on the water and that attaching the leaf to a dragonfly with a spider silk or something and pulling it really fast yknow it'd be a wakeboarding butterfly

no but have you ever tried clearing off a table and putting a jar of tomato sauce on the table yknow open it up and taste that nice sauce no ketchup just sauce and then putting a few more jars on the table and giving them sunglasses because they're cool it would be a salsa gang salsa gang salsa gang salsa gang

remind me to do aim next year from your library

Everratic responds:

Sure, if I remember :)

Eyyyyyyy that pretty guud

KaitoARTS responds:

merci beaucoup <3

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