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An open letter to Xtrullor

Posted by 1f1n1ty - January 22nd, 2017

Dear Xtrullor,

I recognize that I may be starting up a spiel of drama with this post. But bear with me.

You are a very inspirational musician. Your prowess in every aspect of production is astonishing to witness. You motivate everyone around you, as an idol that everyone looks up to and dreams that someday they'll be equal with you.

Now, you have made a decision to remove all of your songs from being used in Geometry Dash. I completely understand why you did this. When someone thinks of Xtrullor, Geometry Dash immediately comes to mind. It's a, "This guy is a GD musician", not "This guy is a musician." You don't want that association. It looks bad to other producers. Plus, the fanbase is a pain. I get it.

But I ask you in this open letter: How clear have you made that intention?

Recently you've received some negative responses to your work. I quote Eikaa's review: "Honestly I cant believe someone can be this foolish? Are you at the mental age of 10 years old? How can you suddenly decide to hate and shun the community that makes up 90% of your audience, for no apparent reason other than that you feel like you're ''too good'' to be associated with a game? You've made a big mistake honestly, showing yourself to be nothing but an ungrateful, prideful little prick. I sincerely hope you're career goes nowhere." Eikaa proceeded to give you half a star.

There were other, worse reviews, such as one by Husky22: "Listen here, how can you be such a dickhead ? I can understand you are upset about GD community, but the fact you are saying something like "F*CK YOU GD" is a faggish move. You have gotten so much audience from GD, in fact 90% of them are from GD, they enjoy your songs, and you are unthankful and you don't appreciate the respect you have, instead you use it to look like a complete retard. If GD wasn't there, you'd go as far as a condom seller, trust me. Now cya faggot I enjoyed your songs but such a retarded attitude behind a great artist isn't nice" (Husky22). He gave you no stars.

These reviews just seem so close-minded and selfish. It sounds like a bratty demand: "Give me your songs in GD, or else I'll hate you forever." They prove your point about the GD community. No wonder you don't want to be associated with them, right? But as being such a brilliant philosopher yourself, always stressing the point of inward, personal reflection, do you see any possible fault within your own actions?

Because what have you told all these people of your intentions? I quote your own newspost: "I am going to figure something out to keep existing on Newgrounds, I love this site. The GD community just really stresses me out" (Xtrullor) That is all you have said to clarify your stance. The GD community "stresses [you] out".

Do you think that what you said makes your stance explicitly clear to the community? Do you think that the words of your newspost, being all that the community has to go off of, can communicate everything you have "thought about [...] for a year", in a way that brings true understanding (Xtrullor)? I don't think so.

Because of this, no one is given any context for your intentions. Thus, all those reviews have at least some sort of justification for being angry at you. Your decision seems selfish, prideful, and narcissitic on the surface, and although I know otherwise, these people don't, because you haven't made that clear to them in the least.

Let's analyze your constructive response to a review written by ayylmao1001, shall we? This was in his review: "But i'm still a little confused to why it can't be used in Geometry Dash? (sorry if that was a stupid question)" (ayylmao1001). It's a legitimate question. He is confused about your reasons, and so he wants clarification about why you have made your decision. All he wants is a bit of reason from you. And you respond like this: "Fuck your GD."

Do you really think that's an appropriate response to a genuine question? Instead of offering the clarification he wanted, you intentionally harassed him for even bringing up the term. I recognize that you're stressed out and tired of the whole GD talk, but show some respect, at least.

No wonder your former fans view you as ungrateful! The attitude you showed in your response to that review is very ill-mannered, petty, and just flat out disgusting. I quote TGSlayer24 in his review: "You are usually a chill guy, you don't argue with people but just saying that out of nowhere? It's, just not like you" (TGSlayer24). Unless you clarify yourself and explain your reasons, no one will understand you, and you will continue to seem like a prick.

Now, I want to make this clear. I have no ill will towards you or your decision - in fact, I suppot the choice you made, 100%. I want to see the glorious Xtrullor that doesn't carry the burden of Geometry Dash, that isn't immediately associated with the fact with every mention of the name. However, it is fairly obvious that other people won't support your decision, and although their hate is selfish and inconsiderate, right now they have some right, because you haven't given the context or the reasoning to help them understand.

My suggestion to you is to get your act together and give everyone the frame of reference they need to understand you. Spill out your reasons. Don't be that guy who keeps secrets from his fans and gets berated for it. Have a nice day. :)

Sincerely, 1f1n1ty.





Comments (21)

The GD community stresses me out. Same for the Newgrounds moderators, who have to constantly remove music that Geometry Dash users (who don't own said music) upload for the game. I understand Xtrullor's decision to remove downloading ability from his songs. The GD community is just cancer to Newgrounds as far as I see it. They're part of this generation of entitled, selfish pricks. And honestly, I think that he's still going to thrive here on Newgrounds regardless of the cancerous GD fanbase showing him hate. I stand by his decision 100%

Of course. I stand by his decision, too - I'm not going to act like the GD community is correct in this matter. But it would be better for everyone if Xtrullor sat down and told everyone exactly why he made his decision.

Send this to Keemstar.

Is Keemstar Xtrullor? In that case I already did

I can think of three legitimate reasons for his decision. For one, he may have felt as though the GD community was simply taking him for granted. I could sympathize with him on that level. But also, he said that he was joining a record label. For some reason, a lot of record labels frown upon any association with Newgrounds. He may have felt as though he had to get rid of the Newgrounds uploads. Third, also related to joining a record label, it may be a terms of agreement conflict that requires him to remove his audio from Newgrounds. If he wants to get paid by the record label, he can't have it downloadable on Newgrounds. Just guessing.

Those are all good reasons. For everyone else, though, we'll need to hear it from Xtrullor himself.

@Xtrullor we're all wondering your exact reason for your removal of your music. 1f1n1ty and myself stand by your decision, though.

I find it ridiculous that "stress" causes this kind of outrage. Xtrullor, thru out history all artists have stress. But most of them don't use that to outrage on a community which basically made you known. Have you ever, played Geometry Dash? I ask because look at the downloads of each level using YOUR music. Look at those numbers...big numbers aren't they? And you turn that all away over stress? Let me ask you...did it ever come to mind that doing what you did could cause all us GD players that love your music too basically feel turned away? Like you never wanted us to hear your music in the first place. Judging by your only reason for you to keep GD out of your music career, you really wanted out a long time ago. You need to tell us your reason for what you did. Because if it's just stress...man music isn't for you.

Well, perhaps stress isn't Xtrullor's reason. Cank above you has delineated some fairly reasonable possibilities that should be considered.

I know Xtrullor. I don't want to speak for him, but last time I checked he doesn't give a crap about fame or any of that stuff. He mainly makes music for himself, not for his audience.

Are you aware of why artists like Xtrullor despise this community? Remember, you guys judge yourself by your intentions, but we judge you by your actions. In my personal experience, heavy GD use has only offered me unceasing spam. Also, a large chunk of the GD community is comprised of selfish, immature brats who complain about everything. However, I support the use of my music in GD because that's not all that defines me.

However, Xtrullor is different. Right now, Geometry Dash essentially defines him. And he doesn't want that association anymore - it's harming his career.

I know I'm ranting again, so I should probably stop. But yeah. Xtrullor, if you read this, please consider what these people are saying. If they're really just selfish brats, then ignore them away. But if there is some truth behind what they are saying, like this post by Michicron here, give them some true consideration.

I think Xtrullor has justified himself. He says that he has thought about it for a year, and states how much stress the community causes him. It is his music, and it's amazing that he keeps it free for everyone. He can do whatever he wants with it,

I'm going to do the same thing I did for the last guy and refer you to the comment above you. Read Michicron's post.

Michicron delineates the perspective of the GD community right now. They say, GD has made you popular and appreciates your music, so why do you go and rage on them all of a sudden? They say this because Xtrullor really hasn't provided a solid reason. Stress? Everyone has stress. Stress is not a reason to berate your fans. Stress is not a reason to blatantly insult those who have supported you.

Xtrullor needs to talk about why the GD community is giving him so much stress. He needs to delineate everything that the GD community is doing wrong so that maybe, if he's lucky, half of them can get their act together. But currently, Xtrullor hasn't done much to make the situation clear, and so people are still confused about his sudden change in career and attitude.

I'm replying to your last reply, infinity. The Geometry Dash can be very cancerous/annoying and selfish. But that's only what artists see. Like anyone who creates music or any entertainment, the only views you see are those who give out a negative review because that's what judges your instinct. I think Xtrullor might have it where he only sees people taking him for granted and that's it. Like I said, many people love his music, HIS ART!! I think the problem is people only know him from GD...no one takes his talent seriously because he belongs to GD only...(that's what he's thinking). He needs to realize...we need to show him that GD isn't all he is. It's not even close! But rather than dissing the GD community whose loved your work for quite some time, explain yourself. Express your feelings. Because only then...will the real fans start to listen.

I agree completely. Xtrullor needs to speak his mind for anything to get resolved. Otherwise, there will always be a continuous split between the clashing perspectives of the GD player and the artist.

I honestly feel terrible for Xtrullor. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place with annoying comments and hatred on both sides. If he releases all of his tracks to GD and he continues to be like he was a few months ago, he would still receive cancerous comments from the GD community about his work. I'd like to address this comment from H20studios (taken from his latest post) and his response to it.

"It was also noticeable that it was driving you insane as well. Just listen to the Nine Circles Remix and Palace Theme remixes to see what I mean; A pretty big drop in quality in my opinion."

Xtrullor responds:
Huh, finally someone noticed the toll it took on my mind through my tracks.

However, if he decides to remove all of his tracks in order for a better future, there would be more hatred thrown his way. With more insults, he could see the same symptoms as he would with the cancerous comments. As someone who's in the GD community, this could definitely be a possibility. There could be more respect for him beyond the GD community, but it would come at the cost of rude comments on all mediums where his music is available (Soundcloud, Newgrounds, YouTube, etc.). It's a shame that he has both at the moment. If he had neither rude or cancerous comments, this whole situation would be avoided. I wish I could apologize on behalf of the GD community, but I'm part of a small majority of mature people within it. Let's hope we get a response from him soon.

@EDM364 Any thoughts on whether now is the time to make that petition I was talking about?

I personally want to say I think it's ABUNDANTLY clear why @Xtrullor is fed up with GD players. The vast majority we hear crying are immature pricks who upload stolen music and/or treat our craft as something other than art. The creator is taken for granted, and the music is viewed through the same lens as a toddler does a toy his mother tells him he can't have -- so he bitches until she gives in and buys it. "Off-brand" and newbie artists are treated like shit by the GD community, and name-brand artists like Xtrullor and @ThisisTheFatRat are harassed constantly to upload songs and enable downloads -- if users don't outright steal their music, and in the event that happens, they blame the artists. @Rukkus impersonators aren't uncommon either. We had a guy yesterday under the name of @Sukkur who used stolen music to get scouted. Who else does this but the GD community?

They treat us musicians and producers like a commodity, bringing MLG spam and sonaural elitism to the fore that we used to never have on site, commenting on people's voice reels "this is why RobTop should have partnered with SoundCloud". Seriously, not everyone who plays GD is a prick, but the community is by and large CANCER. Some of these guys steal shit, get banned, revenge flag my legitimate content (fruitlessly), zero bomb my shit, and fire off passive aggressive little posts/mails because they think they should be able to steal whatever they want, don't understand how our site works or its history, and think they're doing something.

Xtrullor has the right to restrict whatever and whoever he wants from downloading his content, specifically abusers like those two reviewers you mentioned, who are breaking the rules, btw. There is not one iota of right on their end. I wish he'd be a little more polite about it, but if I were constantly harassed by the same community that stole all my shit too, I'd get tired of hearing about it, and Xtrullor is being ATTACKED for defending himself -- for denying the people that abuse his work the ability to do that. I have half a mind to disable downloads on all my content too, but that would punish my actual fans... Really though, I have a lot of vitriol saved up, and I'm not even sorry for all the justifiable bits I spew out.

In closing, fuck GD. I will never play it, not after what I've seen. I don't want to be associated with these guys. Xtrullor, keep riding. Your real fans support you. The toddlers are just throwing their toys out the pram because they can't handle the truth. @Troisnyx, I will always be ready to sign that petition. You just let me know and I will put that on blast.

Hey, EDM. Thanks for dropping by - and, well, you said it best. There's no more that I can add to your rant to further clarify that the GD community is absolute trash.

Also, @Michicron, the GD community did not make @Xtrullor known. He's been around a long time. The GD community took notice of him and abused his shit to the point it drove him basically nuts, and they do this to every artist they think is A1 primo. He owes you all nothing. You owe him a debt of gratitude and respect.

@Troisnyx, you've said everything anyone could have said, has said, and more. Anyone else on this page who agrees, check out the petition here.

"The bigger problem about GD community is that it's potentially going to kill the Newgrounds site due to a drownage of lawsuits from uploading licensed music that is not their own.
I would rather take the shit that is thrown at me than see NG die. I support GD to be unable to use Newgrounds' music any longer, and I'm starting from myself.
Seeing the response I get from my decision is quite a spectacle to see. It has further deepened my stance on this problem. Who wants to comply with a person who screams at you when he can't get their toy - in this case my music. That's what a huge part of GD is, and it should not be ignored."

xTrullor's reasoning on Jnana (first comment)

Hating the GD community is not a reason to remove tracks. I really liked Xtrullor's songs, and these even inspired me to make my own (also published here. I know they're just okay).
He is not immature, the Dashers who wrote these reviews are. Sure, I do have my anger issues, but at least I respect his work, he's like an idol for me.
I also wrote my own rant about it, mostly because I do understand the situation, even if I'm a Dasher.

hey man, thanks for writing this, but is't no big deal, i didn't take it too hard and now i know he's going through a bad time. but still... thanks ;)

Hey! Glad we actually got all this resolved :D

im a GD player. but i am not a prick. xtrullor i love your music. but. it just felt like your being a straight up jerk to players like me.

Firstly, this post isn't relevant anymore. It's more than a year old and the drama has already passed.

Secondly, if you felt like Xtrullor was being a jerk to you, just imagine how much he felt from multiple members in the GD community. Even if you're not a prick as you say, some of your fellow players certainly are. That's why this whole situation happened.

I know this is very old, but I remember the first time he said this when I still played GD. I don't think I was ever that angry at a producer given the fame he got from GD, and giving us a middle finger between the face.

But now that I don't play GD, and I've matured a good bunch, I can see why Xtrullor did what he did to the GD community. He doesn't care about fame or recognition. He is extremely skilled in music theory. He didn't want this, never asked for it, this "GD FAME". He himself has also taken an understanding of the situation quite a time ago. Xtrullor is an inspiration to many people around the world, be it GD or anywhere else. I wait for his upcoming work in excitement, as I replay his songs on my old mp3 :) [ And of course your music too ;) ]

Hey man :) Yeah this fiasco boiled over a long time ago, it came to a point where it really involved a whole lot more than just Xtrullor himself. It was a shitshow. But it was really only with that shitshow that we managed to get a ton of really good changes to the way the AP interacts with GD. What happened to Xtrullor really needed to happen at some point, or else nothing would have changed. And I guess thank you for being receptive to that.

Xtrullor did the right thing. What he said "Fuck you GeometryDash", it is his opinion. No one can ever dictate someone's point of view, because all of us have different perspective and perception of what we see.

But on the other side, what he said is very offensive, especially for a "community". Even for me, both a producer and a GD player, I am supposed to be hurt. But I can tell, the ones who are offensed, are the ones who are stupid and dumb-founded. But since I also value intelligence and sophistication, I may also be with Xtrullor's side. Personally, I hate pathetics.

I hope I may not sound too arrogant. I only want to share my feedback about this incident. But here it is, X seemed to moved on to this tragedy, so do I.

I'm a late bloomer LOL!

In addition, X is a mysterious genius! He is very perplex even in his author comments, usually has secret meanings. He doesn't care about money or fame, the most important thing to him is making and producing music for his hobby. Also, he is enlightened by his Asian experience.

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