Full Version of FL Studio GET!!!

2014-08-03 18:35:03 by 1f1n1ty


I just got the full version of FL Studio. Now I can go back and access previous files, including a bunch of scrapped tracks I have here...

Anyways, big thanks to Juno 9 for letting me use his account to get FL Studio 11. You should check out his stuff, he makes some pretty nice tracks. Link to his soundcloud: https:// soundcloud.com/juno9 (remove space)

Also, thanks to eth4nw for getting it for me. He also has some very cool stuff on his profile. Here's his soundcloud: https:// soundcloud.com/ethan-wilson-8 (remove space)

Anyways, with the full version of FL Studio, it's time for me to start tackling this learning curve in front of me. I probably won't be uploading too many major tracks for the moment, but stay tuned! :D



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