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Update: Music Usage, Future Work, etc.

Posted by 1f1n1ty - July 25th, 2021

Hi y'all, I haven't been on Newgrounds in a while now. Since I have a non-negligible following on this website, I figured it would be wise to compose an update for the public record. A quick TL;DR of this update:

  • For any music I write on or after 2021, you should always ask before using it for a project. You should no longer assume that you can by default.
  • I plan to distribute some of my music to platforms such as Spotify sometime in the future.
  • I will be leaving Newgrounds for an indefinite time.

**My music usage policy is getting an update.** For anything I have published before January 1st, 2021, my older usage policy applies. As a reminder, this is that you can use my music for your videos or projects, with credit given, provided that the songs you select are:

  • Completely original to me. No collaborations, and no remixes.
  • Not part of a soundtrack.

And credit for these songs still must contain the name of the song, the author (that's me), and a link to where you got it from.

For anything I publish on or after January 1st, 2021, this no longer applies, and you should always ask me before using anything. Currently, I haven't published anything during 2021 that would otherwise be useable under the old policy, so while this is not a concern to me now, it may come up later, unless I change my mind.

**I currently plan to attempt distribution of my music when I next publish music.** I receive a lot of requests to upload my songs to Spotify and other platforms, mainly through comments on my YouTube uploads. In the past I have rejected this idea on the grounds that it would be too much of a hassle for a couple of reasons. However, for some of my pieces, I've been reconsidering this idea.

I want to write some new music before I do this, though, so you may need to wait. I figured it would be good to at least let you all know that this might be coming.

**I will likely not be active on Newgrounds in the future.** I'm changing as a creator and I have found that the Newgrounds platform no longer meets my needs. This has been an in-progress move since the beginning of 2021 so I want to follow through with it by publicly stating my intent. I want to emphasize that this decision does not come from a distaste for the site - in fact, I hold a lot of gratitude for the community on NG for fostering my creative growth in the past - but rather from a personal perspective of what direction I wish to take the 1f1n1ty project.

Right now, I'm moving my main music publication platform to Bandcamp, so if I write anything new, you can expect to see uploads on there. Additionally, I will continue posting about my future projects on Twitter, so you will be in the know if anything else happens. If you need to message me in private, my Discord is open for you to reach out.


Comments (3)

I hope for the best to you, friend! Good luck with your plans and I wish happiness to you!

Good luck, 1f1, I hope and know your future will be bright. I ill continue to support you on Bandcamp!

I respect your decision, and I hope to make the same one in the future. Newgrounds is great, but can't be the sustain. Good luck in the future!