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Hi, I'm Matthew, but you can call me 1f1. I make episodic journey music tending towards the ambient side of the spectrum. I don't accept friend requests on NG because they affect my notifications :( sorry!

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Posted by 1f1n1ty - September 17th, 2017


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Posted by 1f1n1ty - August 7th, 2017

For some reason I only now decided to make Asau and Veva an actual album

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 400px; height: 472px;" src="https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=442416428/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/artwork=small/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="http://1f1n1ty.bandcamp.com/album/asau-ep">Asau EP by 1f1n1ty</a></iframe>

Go nuts I guess. Also the version of Asau you hear here actually sounds slightly different than the mp3 on NG, so yay.


EDIT: Huh. I swore you could embed Bandcamp on NG.


Posted by 1f1n1ty - July 18th, 2017

Lost to BFJ but back in anyway.


Idk if I should feel disgruntled or ecstatic about that combination of events


Posted by 1f1n1ty - June 26th, 2017





Posted by 1f1n1ty - February 26th, 2017

This is where I will be posting WIPs from now on. If you want to see some WIPs, give me a follow or something:


Or don't. I don't really care, it's clyp. You'll see I already have a few things on there. More coming, don't worry.

Basically if you just want a day-to-day basis confirmation that I didn't die, that's your place.


Posted by 1f1n1ty - January 22nd, 2017

Dear Xtrullor,

I recognize that I may be starting up a spiel of drama with this post. But bear with me.

You are a very inspirational musician. Your prowess in every aspect of production is astonishing to witness. You motivate everyone around you, as an idol that everyone looks up to and dreams that someday they'll be equal with you.

Now, you have made a decision to remove all of your songs from being used in Geometry Dash. I completely understand why you did this. When someone thinks of Xtrullor, Geometry Dash immediately comes to mind. It's a, "This guy is a GD musician", not "This guy is a musician." You don't want that association. It looks bad to other producers. Plus, the fanbase is a pain. I get it.

But I ask you in this open letter: How clear have you made that intention?

Recently you've received some negative responses to your work. I quote Eikaa's review: "Honestly I cant believe someone can be this foolish? Are you at the mental age of 10 years old? How can you suddenly decide to hate and shun the community that makes up 90% of your audience, for no apparent reason other than that you feel like you're ''too good'' to be associated with a game? You've made a big mistake honestly, showing yourself to be nothing but an ungrateful, prideful little prick. I sincerely hope you're career goes nowhere." Eikaa proceeded to give you half a star.

There were other, worse reviews, such as one by Husky22: "Listen here, how can you be such a dickhead ? I can understand you are upset about GD community, but the fact you are saying something like "F*CK YOU GD" is a faggish move. You have gotten so much audience from GD, in fact 90% of them are from GD, they enjoy your songs, and you are unthankful and you don't appreciate the respect you have, instead you use it to look like a complete retard. If GD wasn't there, you'd go as far as a condom seller, trust me. Now cya faggot I enjoyed your songs but such a retarded attitude behind a great artist isn't nice" (Husky22). He gave you no stars.

These reviews just seem so close-minded and selfish. It sounds like a bratty demand: "Give me your songs in GD, or else I'll hate you forever." They prove your point about the GD community. No wonder you don't want to be associated with them, right? But as being such a brilliant philosopher yourself, always stressing the point of inward, personal reflection, do you see any possible fault within your own actions?

Because what have you told all these people of your intentions? I quote your own newspost: "I am going to figure something out to keep existing on Newgrounds, I love this site. The GD community just really stresses me out" (Xtrullor) That is all you have said to clarify your stance. The GD community "stresses [you] out".

Do you think that what you said makes your stance explicitly clear to the community? Do you think that the words of your newspost, being all that the community has to go off of, can communicate everything you have "thought about [...] for a year", in a way that brings true understanding (Xtrullor)? I don't think so.

Because of this, no one is given any context for your intentions. Thus, all those reviews have at least some sort of justification for being angry at you. Your decision seems selfish, prideful, and narcissitic on the surface, and although I know otherwise, these people don't, because you haven't made that clear to them in the least.

Let's analyze your constructive response to a review written by ayylmao1001, shall we? This was in his review: "But i'm still a little confused to why it can't be used in Geometry Dash? (sorry if that was a stupid question)" (ayylmao1001). It's a legitimate question. He is confused about your reasons, and so he wants clarification about why you have made your decision. All he wants is a bit of reason from you. And you respond like this: "Fuck your GD."

Do you really think that's an appropriate response to a genuine question? Instead of offering the clarification he wanted, you intentionally harassed him for even bringing up the term. I recognize that you're stressed out and tired of the whole GD talk, but show some respect, at least.

No wonder your former fans view you as ungrateful! The attitude you showed in your response to that review is very ill-mannered, petty, and just flat out disgusting. I quote TGSlayer24 in his review: "You are usually a chill guy, you don't argue with people but just saying that out of nowhere? It's, just not like you" (TGSlayer24). Unless you clarify yourself and explain your reasons, no one will understand you, and you will continue to seem like a prick.

Now, I want to make this clear. I have no ill will towards you or your decision - in fact, I suppot the choice you made, 100%. I want to see the glorious Xtrullor that doesn't carry the burden of Geometry Dash, that isn't immediately associated with the fact with every mention of the name. However, it is fairly obvious that other people won't support your decision, and although their hate is selfish and inconsiderate, right now they have some right, because you haven't given the context or the reasoning to help them understand.

My suggestion to you is to get your act together and give everyone the frame of reference they need to understand you. Spill out your reasons. Don't be that guy who keeps secrets from his fans and gets berated for it. Have a nice day. :)

Sincerely, 1f1n1ty.





Posted by 1f1n1ty - December 22nd, 2016

Hey, quadruple digits on youtube! That's a pretty big milestone for me.

I made a Q&A special featuring some nice music by me and by some other people who I love. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bGf-Z1u0Ic

Posted by 1f1n1ty - September 2nd, 2016

Well, lookie here! Soon we'll have glorious triple digits on this NG page, won't we? I'm excited!

Thanks a bunch to every follower I have - you all mean a lot to me, and I am very thankful for all your support and kindness! :D

Posted by 1f1n1ty - August 5th, 2016



At this point, I'm really, really happy! Placing is going to be difficult, and it's not something I expect, but regardless, top 18 out of 300+ people is quite the accomplishment for me, especially since I didn't make it at all last year (well, I guess I was a bit late to try, but y'know). And hey, if I place, that would be EXTREMELY exciting!